Purchasing Arts & Crafts

Visitors will have the opportunity to purchase Diné arts and crafts from canyon residents at various points in the trip.

Artisans are usually present at White House Ruins and you can view and purchase jewelry and sometimes paintings. In addition you may have the opportunity to purchase jewelry and weaving from the extended family when they visit base camp.

During the summer months, there are often Diné artisans selling their arts and crafts at the various over looks around the canyon as well as at the Park Headquarters building.

Purchasing direct from the canyon residents means you often get to meet the artists, talk to them about their work and the income goes directly to them. Many families depend on this income to make it through the winter months.

In addition there are many trading posts, galleries and other outlets for Diné arts and crafts in the towns around the Canyon such as Chinle and of course, Gallup.

What You'll See