Molly Cohan

Storm coming over the campground

Canyon De Chelly is a place of remarkable physical beauty. It also is a place of great historical and cultural significance. Once inhabited by the Anasazi, it has for centuries been home to the Navajo people. Spanish and anglo invaders have come and gone, finally leaving the Navajo in peace. I have been in the Canyon with John and Lupita twice and I will return to stay with them many more times. It is not just the beauty and the history of the Canyon that draws me back - it is also the chance to experience it with John and Lupita, to learn more about their lives and the lives of their people and those who came before. To be with them on the trails, on the mesa, in the places of the old ones, hearing their stories around the fire, meeting their family and friends, is to experience the Canyon as a living place, the heart of another way of life.

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