Book List

You may want to prepare for your trip by learning more about the canyon and its history and the people who live there. These books are great resources. In addition, the book about Lupita and her extended family, Crossing Between Worlds, is an excellent introduction to the family, the canyon and life as a modern Diné.

Canyon de Chelly Its People and Rock Art

by Campbell Grant, Publisher: University of Arizona Press, (December 1978)

Essential reading on the canyon rock art, as well as a good summary history of the canyon.

Diné: A History of the Navajos

by Peter Iverson, Monty Roessel (Photographer)

University of New Mexico Press (October 2002)

Diné Bahane: The Navajo Creation Story

by Paul Zolbrod (Translator) University of New Mexico Press; Reprint edition (March 1988)

Navajo Placenames and Trails of the Canyon de Chelly System Arizona

by Stephen C. Jett,Peter Lang Publishing; (September 1, 2001)

The Book of the Navajo

by Ramond Friday Locke, Harvard Univ Press; Revised edition (December 1974)