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Custom from one day to two weeks trips are available for groups (preferably for 10 or more). Custom trips can be arranged for most of the year. We will work with the group leaders (see below) to design an exclusive trip that's ideal for their particular group. A trip can be built around a specialty, for example, poetry, rock art, anthropology, plants, history, or expert hiking. Activities may include:

  • Daily hikes to see rock art, ruins and the beautiful canyon vistas
  • Campfire storytelling
  • Cultural demonstrations such as Diné traditional weaving and traditional food
  • Navajo traditional songs and dance are available upon request with prior arrangements
  • Custom trips are scheduled as available space permits, so contact us early to reserve the time you desire.

Specific Trip Logistics

Please review Logistics to get an operational overview of all our trips. Following are items that apply specifically to Custom Trips.

Group Leaders:

  • Each groups is required to have a designated Group Leader who works with Footpath Journeys to coordinate the trip, as well ad daily activities and cooking. Please see our Guide for Group Leaders for more specific details.

Food & Cooking

  • Groups must provide their own food and a cook. Your group may cook for themselves, or we can help you find someone locally who can shop and cook for your group.
  • Some cooking items are provided (propane, cooking stove).
  • We will review food and cooking plans with each group leader to assure that everyone has the information they need to plan a successful week.
  • Take a look at our Kitchen Contents.

Reservation Request

Please use the Custom Trip Reservation Request form to request a reservation for your preferred trip dates.

Review our Reservation & Cancellation Policy

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Custom Trips

We create a custom trip for your family or group.

Day Trips

We also offer guided hiking day trips. Please contact us to set up a day trip.

Please note that by joining our trips, you will be helping to support Footpath Journeys' ongoing efforts to teach our Diné children more about their culture so that we can keep our culture alive.

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