Recommended Gear List

In order to assist with your trip preparation and to help ensure your comfort and safety we have provided a recommended gear list. Please note that we have specified an "ideal" equipment list if you are a regular outdoor person and either have this kind of gear or want to acquire it, but you can also be very comfortable with less. Please see our "Just Fine" column for these recommendations.

Please note: you will need your daypack with lunch and water for the walk into the canyon to get to base camp on the first day so make sure to keep that equipment separate from what goes into the trucks!

Ideal Just Fine Comments
Tent with rain cover/flap same The weather can be unpredictable - please make sure your tent has a rain cover or flap.
Ground cloth for under the tent none Optional with a good tent. However it will help protect tent from dirt and plant stickers.
Hiking boots with "vibram" or equivalent soles same Your boots help you climb the sandstone. Good boots are a must!
Down sleeping bag and pad Sleeping bag (not down) and pad Spring and fall you'll want a sleeping bag rated for cooler temps. It can dip to below freezing at night.
1 pair of Zip off pants long pants and shorts (see shorts below) Saves space in your duffle and provides comfort during variable weather on day hikes. It does get cool, one pair of long pants is a must.
Wind jacket Long sleeve shirt It can be very windy in the canyon. A light wind jacket is great for day hikes.
Hiking socks Socks Comfortable socks make a big difference
Capilene underwear Long underwear Required ONLY during cooler months
Camp shoes same Nice to alternate shoes to change into after hiking. Should be easy on and off for night "bathroom" breaks
Packable rain gear Cheap poncho Depending on the time of year, you can get caught in a rainstorm. Always take a poncho, heavier rain gear good in rain seasons
Down jacket Heavy jacket It can be very cold at night in spring and fall. Not required in summer months
Travel or camp pillow Sleep on your down jacket Nice to be comfy!

(please note: no short shorts)

Shorts You may want an extra pair of clean shorts. 2 pairs is enough for a week.
Sleeveless, short sleeve, long sleeve (please note: no spaghetti strap tank tops) Sleeveless, short sleeve, long sleeve 1 of each or just short sleeve and long sleeve
underwear underwear You may want 2 pairs a day
Sweat pants (for sleeping and early morning wear) Nothing extra
Sun shower none Great to take a shower now and then during the week!
Water bottles (2 quart/day/person) Water bottles (2 quart/day/person)
Sun hat or cap, chap stick, sun glasses, bandana, sun screen The sun is intense, please bring appropriate protection
Prescription Medicine/first aide kit Prescription Medicine (check if your group leader is bringing first aide kit) Blisters, cuts, etc. all need to be tended.
Flashlight and headlamp

(hanging light for tent)

Flashlight You'll need one for sure - headlamps also come in very handy and leave your hands free
Camera, film, batteries, binoculars (extra film and batteries) None You'll want to take a LOT of pictures - the scenery is breathtaking!
Bath towel, wash cloth, toiletries and other personal necessities. Bring cup or small bowl to wash face/brush teeth. Bath towel, wash cloth, toiletries and other personal necessities. Bring cup or small bowl to wash face/brush teeth.
Plate and bowl, utensils, mesh bag to store them in between meals. Alternatively, bring one "x" to use to eat out of and use to protect your lunch in your day pack
Fleece Wind stopper Vest Fleece Vest Great for spring and fall
Walking Stick none Some hikes have loose rocks on the trails, or steep ups and downs
Cash and (not or) credit cards none You can buy native arts and crafts in the canyon directly from the artisans who make them.. Bring cash and credit cards if you wish to make purchases. Not everyone takes credit cards.
Day pack

You may also want to bring a small waist pack to wear in front for easy access to your camera on hikes

Day pack Big enough to carry: lunch, poncho, camera, sun screen and 2 quarts of water. Make sure it is comfortable!

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