Guide for Group Leaders

Every custom trip needs to have their own group leader(s) - one for every 10 people. The group leader is responsible for all communication with their group, prior to the trip. This includes distributing information, collecting liability waivers, special food requirements and so forth, as well as arranging food purchases and cooking and answering questions about the trip and what to bring. The group leader is also responsible for making sure everyone knows the rules.

Once we have arrived at base camp, the group leader will help organize the kitchen duties and help set daily hiking activities and making sure everyone in their group knows what the group is doing on a daily basis. The group leader will also handle any personal or medical issues that arrive.

Lupita and Jon will work with you on what to bring for cooking and provide some suggestions on what has worked well before. You can also get an overview of our Kitchen Contents.

You may want to purchase some books on cooking for groups to find good recipes.