Kitchen Contents

Group leaders: In order to help you plan your trip, here's an overview of what's available in our open air kitchen. Please check the list of suggestions for additional items below.

  • 2 Propane Gas Stove w/ 2 burners
  • 2 Coleman Lanterns
  • 2 Big cast iron skillets
  • 2 Medium cast iron skillets
  • 2 giant pots for boiling water
  • 2 big pots for boiling water or for stew
  • 2 Medium pots
  • 3 Small pots
  • 1 Big Coffee Pot (15 cups serving)
  • 1 Big Tea Pot (15 cups serving)
  • 4 Containers to store drinking water near kitchen area
  • 3 Large coolers to keep food and ice cold
  • 4 Plastic pans for rinse food scraps, wash-w/soap, sanitize and rinse
  • 1 Propane barbecue grill
  • 1 Charcoal/wood grill
  • 4 Wash basins, 1 at kitchen, 1 at sand hill outhouse and 1 at Oneonta fence outhouse
  • 7 Small plastic wash pans, for sponge bath, feet or whatever
  • 2 Big cutting boards
  • 2 Sets of butcher knives
  • Some dish rags/towels, wash cloth, dish towels, pot holder, table cloths, & apron
  • Set of serving utensils
  • Set of cutting/steak knives
  • 2 Large pancake griddles
  • Potato peelers

Items you will want to bring for your group:

  • Dish Soap, Clorox, hand soap, hand lotion, paper towels, toilet paper (figure two rolls per person per week)
  • Lantern Coleman fuel, mantle, matches, flash light ect.
  • Re-fill propane bottles w/ propane fuel
  • Charcoal, Charcoal starter
  • Large trash bags for garbage and storing extra items

Please note: All your food items must be in a large plastic bins w/ lid, this works better to load, it is also to store food and keep mice and ground squirrels away.