canyon de chelly trips


Hiking tours start at 9 am to 3 to 4 pm depending on the needs of the group. Standard tours are $100 for adults and youth rates are available. Please inquire about the length of tour desired and rates. Four-hour tours are also available.

We meet at the front of the Cottonwood Campground. After we meet, we will proceed to the visitor center where we will obtain the required permit that it signed by both Footpath Journeys and the person representing the tour. Our guide will discuss the kind of hike you'd like after meeting you and talking through your interests. Special interests should be emailed ahead to (see contact form).


We will either carpool or drive separately to the trailhead depending on the needs of the group.

We offer a 6-hour hike which can be geared toward your activity level. We leave at 9 am and are usually out by 4. We may see Lupita’s ancestral lands, Junction Ruins, First Ruins, White House Ruins and many other wonders along the way – rock art, hogans, often sheep and sometimes horses (please check out our gallery and Facebook for pictures and visitor stories). Hikes are customized to our visitors needs.

As we walk the gentle canyon trails, we'll hear stories that are told at certain seasons of the year in the Navajo Culture. The rock walls of the canyon rise 1000 feet in some places. 


Many opportunities for thrilling, panoramic photographs abound on the canyon rim or deep within its walls. Don’t forget your camera!!! Please do not take any pictures of people - this is their home. You may photograph landscapes, your group and your guide.


Bring your food, snacks, bottled water, and any hygiene-related supplies like wipes for sanitation and COVID-19 prevention. Food and supplies can be purchased at the store of your choice, or at Bashas grocery on the reservation.

CAMPING is not available at this time due to COVID restrictions. We hope it will be available soon.