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Hiking and Camping

We are completely booked until mid-August. Fall Dates are still available.

Day Hikes

These tours take place in the canyon and are 6-8 hours long. After gathering at the National Monument visitor center in Chinle, Lupita will visit with you about your physical ability and interests. Then she will determine the best hike in the area given the weather and what the group wants to see. Regardless of what hike you go on, you will see magnificent canyon walls, petroglyphs, and cliff dwellings. While you may even come across pottery or arrowheads, the best part about walking in the canyon is listening to Lupita’s stories. Therefore, it is best to consider that all of these hikes are about the journey rather than the destination. 


All hikers should expect to walk 3 to 5 miles round trip and bring plenty of water, food, and other necessary gear. We can accommodate up to 15 people in a private tour although most hiking tours consist of 2-8 people. 


The cost for a daily hiking tour is $250 in Spring and $200 in the Summer which pays for a party of up to three people. After that, each additional member in your group is $50. You will also need to purchase a Navajo Nation hiking permit at the visitor center which costs $8 per person.

Spending the Night at Sheep Camp

An Additional Camping and Hiking Add-on. 


If you would like to camp and hike in an extremely remote and beautiful part of the canyon, you may request to spend the night at Sheep Camp after participating in a day hike near Chinle. The following morning, Lupita would lead you to Wind Arch down the Beehive trail. This trail is 5 miles round trip with approximately 1,500 ft of elevation gain.

The rate for the hiking tour is the same, and camping is just $50 for the entire group. You can indicate if you would like to add the overnight and second day of hiking when you make your reservation online. 


Before you commit to spending the night and going to Sheep Camp, you need to consider a few things: As stated elsewhere on this website, Sheep Camp is in one of the most geographically remote locations in America. It is approximately a 90 minute drive from Chinle to get to the east rim of the canyon. Most of the time the dirt road is in good shape, but if conditions get muddy, a 4x4 vehicle is highly recommended. To get there you will follow Lupita's vehicle down a series of unmarked, and possibly unmaintained roads to a location with no cell service, electricity, or running water. In other words, be prepared to be completely self-sufficient when you are camping and hiking there.


With that said, it is very safe, remote, and untouched. If you are up for an adventure, staying at Sheep Camp and hiking to Wind Arch is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. There will be no cultural activities, but Lupita will spend 1-hour at the campfire with you in the evening to tell stories.


One more important note: You cannot camp at Sheep Camp or hike to Wind Arch unless you first hike with Lupita in Chinle. This is because the only place to get the hiking permit is at the Navajo Nation office and Lupita has to be with you. In this case, you will need to purchase a two-day hiking pass into the park.

arch and canyon.HEIC
Hiking Rim Cliff Best_edited_edited.png

Wind Arch (above) and moderate exposure on the hike (below)

Hiking Rim Cliff Best_edited.jpg

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