Canyon de Chelly National Monument in Arizona (Four Corners Area) is one of the jewels of the Navajo Nation and home to many different clans of the Diné (Navajo People).  Past and present are interwoven in Canyon de Chelly


Footpath Journeys of Canyon de Chelly offers various tours of the canyons’ treasures. Accessibility to the park is limited without an authorized Navajo guide.


On our day hikes or camping trips, we'll see hogans, sweat lodges, sheep and horses and explore the vast richness of the many ancient ruins nestled in the canyon and well as the abundance of fascinating rock art that dots the glorious textures of the towering walls of Canyon de Chelly.



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Preserving Navajo History In Canyon De Chelly


June 28, 2010 · 12:00 AM ET

Heard on Morning Edition

canyon de chelly trips
Crossing Between Worlds, The Navajo of Canyon de Chelly


By Jeanne Simonelli

with Lupita McClanahan




If you wish to arrange another kind of trip or camping please contact Lupita McClanahan at Footpath Journeys or call Lupita’s cell at 928-401-0430. Remember if she is in the canyon, it may take a day or two for her to return your call. 



On the hike, you will experience the splendor of Canyon de Chelly’s wildlife and plants in their natural habitat.


Enjoy the wild flowers blooming, beautiful sunsets and sunrises with a dazzling variety of woodland and desert birds. Rock art abounds!